Coronavirus – 03/03/20

Here at North we pride ourselves on providing welcoming, comfortable spaces in which people can relax, share a beer, or de-stress from their day. The safety of our customers and staff is of paramount importance.

Whilst we still don’t know the full effect that the Coronavirus will have in the UK, we are taking precautions within both the bars and brewery to do what we can to minimise its spread.

  • Any staff who are feeling unwell have been instructed to stay home. At North we have a supportive sickness policy in place for all employees, and have made it clear that people should not take risks with their health.
  • Staff hygiene is always a priority at North: staff all wash their hands upon entering the building, eating, sneezing or coughing, using the toilet. In addition to this staff will wash their hands after every glass collected.
  • We will maintain our high standard of cleaning throughout the bars and the brewery.
  • We will be working to support our hourly paid staff in the event of a ‘lock down’ restricting the opening hours of bars and the brewery.

Our bars and taprooms have always been seen as an integral part of the communities in which they operate, and we want to make it clear that they will be safe, open spaces. If anyone is feeling a little overwhelmed by the 24 hour news cycle and reporting of the Coronavirus please pop in for a cuppa or a beer and pull up a stool at the bar.