Yesterday some of our fabulous members of the North Brewing and North Bar family headed over to Dark Woods Coffee in Huddersfield for a coffee training day.


As you may or may not know, we take our coffee very seriously over here at North, and are always striving to give you the best possible quality of coffee we can. Whether it’s filter or espresso, we’ve learnt all about where our blend originates from, and how to provide the perfect serve.

The house blend we provide at every site is deliciously balanced and nutty, ever so slightly fruity with a delicious chocolate finish. A combination of Colombian and Peruvian coffee beans, gently roasted to reveal the true potential hidden inside the green coffee.

As part of the training, we were taken through the process that Dark Woods uses to decide on the beans that they will combine for their specialty blends: cupping. It is a simple and repeatable way of brewing coffee for sensory evaluation. We concentrated on the aroma, from the ground beans, and the fragrance that is produce once the coffee has been brewed. Once the crust has been broken and the coffee has cooled a “slurp” is taken to deduce the flavour of the beans, thinking of the levels of acidity and sweetness.


Our City Tap on Sovereign Street in particular even has a few single origins that we can make for you through V60, if you ask us nicely.

A massive thank you to Tom for talking us through the process of producing a perfect coffee and to Bridie for organising the training!

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Now…anyone for a coffee?