Brewed for our 4th birthday, this beer is a present to you and ourselves!

We’ve taken our Triple Fruited Gose recipe and packed it with nothing but Boysenberry! Boysenberry is a fruit we have always sampled to use in our TFG series but never gone for it because of its availability, but being as its our birthday the words “Treat yo’ self!” echoed through our minds.

The beer pours a deep maroon with a bright pink head, huge berry and candy floss aroma radiates from the beer! The flavour is full of blackcurrant, blackberry, raspberry and loganberry with a full yoghurty thickness and a balanced salinity that rounds all these components together.

Available from the brewery at our 4th Birthday Party on Saturday 16th November. Out and about to bars and bottle shops from Monday.

Do you need this beer in your shop, pub or bar? Yeah you do! Get in touch with Fay and Laura quick! Once this one is gone, it’s gone! 🥫💨