Another weekend another event!
Berlin has been wonderful!

We were invited out by Stefan who plays a key role in organising Berlin Beer Week and also seeing our beers reach the good people of Berlin!
We checked in with our good friends at BRLO (What a facility! Beautiful brewhouse and beer garden!) Had a great time being looked after by the lovely Sachin of Straßenbräu at their brewers BBQ, hanging with old friends in the sun Barrier Brewing Co. Bobby , Birrificio Lambrate and Naparbier before heading off to a two way tap takeover with Naparbier + Cervesa Espiga at The Castle Berlin Mitte
The two espresso martini looking scoops is Napar Bier’s ‘Overcloud’ 7.5% pastry stout and it’s GORGEOUS! 👌

After that we hit up Protokoll Berlin for the Russian Tap Takeover! -something happened in that timeline and a curry was eaten at some point… 🤷‍♂️
Sunday saw us hit the O.G craft beer bar of Berlin Monterey Bar for a tap takeover which will be continuing for the entirety of Berlin Beer Week (or until the beer runs out.) It was especially great to be welcomed by Andie for a tap takeover at his bar as Monterey is know to be Berlin’s first craft beer bar; and as we come from the UK’s O.G craft beer bar, it felt a strong contextual link and as if a circle had been competed! It was wicked to chat to enthusiastic locals, make new friends and to bump into David aka @itmustbeerlove who was so passionate interested in what we do and had taken part in #virtualpubclub
Thank you everyone in Berlin for a great weekend and for being so supportive!