Next up in the final hurrah of beer festivals for the year was Beer Dome Basel, in Switzerland!

Seb headed over to brew a collab with White Frontier and Gipsy Hill before heading over to join Kate for the festival.

Held at Markthhalle Basel, a food market which celebrates food from all around the world, under one of the largest domes in Europe. Built in 1929, it made for the perfect setting of Switzerland’s first ever international beer festival, and we were proud to be a part of it!

Big thank you to Jannis, Tim and Jakob for organising the festival – what an event to be part of! And to all the volunteers working and looking out for us, especially Andy, who made an amazing tour guide!

There were some amazing beers pouring, so it’s hard to pick out our favourites. However, among these were Red Rain by Tanker, Sustainable Pornstar by The Beer Guerillas and Whose Kids Are These? from Barrier – delicious stuff! Also the most amazing glass wash station that you’ve ever seen! Who would think of up-cycling a bath?

Until next time Basel, you beautiful place!