Beer Central Festival has been a blast! – a complete success and a wonderful addition to a thriving beer scene in Birmingham!
Thank you everyone that came, everyone who participated and everyone involved in the organisation! Shout out to Simply Hops for taking care of us with the wonderful green room!
Thanks to Kilder and Dig Brew Co for throwing great after parties!
Thanks Pete at Verdant Brewing Co , Josh and Thomas Neon Raptor Brewing Co. , Rebecca at Siren Craft Brew , James at Thornbridge Brewery, Steve and Johnny Vault City Brewing , Alex and Reggie at Black Iris Brewery , Ben and Co DEYA Brewing Company and Callum and Co at Turning Point Brew Co. for keeping us company all weekend, supporting each other through the trails and tribulations (hangovers) of working a beer festival and generally just being wonderful people!
Brewery of the festival definitely goes to Vault City Brewing – keep your eyes peeled for their beers, because they are super tasty!
Next stop Whiplash Beer Fidelity! Say a prayer for us!