We planned to collaborate with Naparbier a long time ago; however, you all know what got in the way! So, we got our heads together and started thinking of how we could collaborate from afar. Rather than meeting up, chewing the fat and hosting each other in our respective cities (as we usually would), we’ve combined our ideas via the power of the internet!

In this beer, we’ve combined the recipes from the fruited sours that both breweries are known for. Rise Up (Naparbier) and Triple Fruited Gose (North Brewing Co), each brewing a combined recipe at both breweries!

The result is a lip smacking punchy, massively fruited 7% fruited sour with big aroma, vibrant pink colour, thick slurpy, bellini-esque made with peach, and both sweet and sour cherries! Launching on our webshop on Wednesday 12th August, at 12pm!

But the collaboration didn’t stop there! We also shared design work with each others respective artists, from them to pay homage to each others design style. AND (there’s more) our Brand Ambassador, Alex, will be joined by Naparbier’s Jamie live on Instagram on Thursday 20th August at 7.30pm (GMT) to share the beer, learn more about the collaboration and answer any questions. A true collab from afar!