Hey, is that?… sunshine? Maybe we bribed the weather gods, maybe we’re just having a second summer wave, one things is for sure is that we’re releasing two highly summer appropriate beer this week.

First up we have a FRESH 4.8% Summer Ale. Brewed with our friends and neighbours at Ridgeside Brewing Co to celebrate our home, Meanwood as part of the annual festival! You can even get a sneak peak of this beer if you visit one of the many amazing events happening from today in some of our favourite venues, organised by Love Meanwood!

This Summer Ale showcases whole leaf Ernest hops from small British Growers. Made with Best Ale Malt and fermented with Kölsch Yeast, it’s a smooth and frothy ale with subtle notes of Bergamot, phenolic spice, fruity esters and plum with sweet elderflower aroma! We love you Meanwood and we raise a glass to you!

Next up, ‘Everywhere Sublime’. A light and refreshing 3.6% fruited sour to see in the return of summer! Lots of wheat in the grist gives a light and rounded body. Lemon Zest in the boil, fruited with Passion Fruit and fermented with Voss Kveik makes for a clean, tart and cool sour beer full of juicy tropic flavour!

On sale Wednesday 25th August at 12pm, via our web shop!