The Rainbow Project originated in 2013, when the former Head Brewer at Siren Craft Brew, Ryan Witter-Merithew, brought together seven of their favourite breweries from the UK to work on the project. All were asked to brew an IPA loosely based upon the colours of the rainbow, picked for them at random.
It wasn’t until the next year, 2014, when the project developed to include collaborations, taking on European breweries and then moving on to include breweries from the US (2015) and New Zealand (2016).
In December 2017 they decided to do a double draw, pairing UK and US breweries together and providing them with two colours. The first would inspire the 2017 brew and the second a barrel aged beer designed to be ready around the time of the International Rainbow Project 2018.

For this year Siren decided to pass the baton on, with Left Handed Giant taking over the reigns. We’re delighted to have been invited to take part in this years Rainbow Project, collaborating with Fieldwork Brewing, from Berkley, CA, to create a beer for the colour Orange.

At the beginning of August we had the pleasure of brewing with John from Fieldwork’s, creating a kettle sour, with 20% oats, 20% wheat and 60% extra pale malt. We added 75kg of coconut in the mash and 50kg into the boil, with lactose for body and sweetness, fresh root turmeric and Madagascan cinnamon in the flame out, then towards the end of fermentation we did what we do best with our sour beers, triple fruit it, with 1.2 tons, of apricot.
The smells in the brewery were absolutely insane, smooth and sweet coconut, spicy sweet vanilla from the cinnamon, fiery ginger and orange from the turmeric, an attack on all the senses.

We’re really excited for this beer, it’s a crazy mix but we’re confident it’s going to taste great!
Everyone involved in the rainbow project has been getting down to their brewing this week and everything everyone is making looks really exciting!

We’ll be taking part in the launch on Friday 20th September, pouring all seven of the collabs at North Brewing Co City Tap, Leeds:

Burnt Mill Brewery x Cascade Brewing
DEYA Brewing Company x Holy Mountain Brewing
Left Handed Giant Brewing Co. x Alesong Brewing and Blending
North Brewing Co x Fieldwork Brewing Company
Track Brewing Co. x Highland Park Brewery
Unity Brewing Co x Alvarado Street Brewery & Grill
Verdant Brewing Co x Temescal Brewing

Not to mention, there will also be amazing food from Little Bao Boy – Gyoza and Dumplings and Bao, oh my!